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workForce is the most advanced work force management platform with innovative features that include Bluetooth tracking, beacons, NFC tagging and real-time job\task allocation.    Through its platform, we can exceed compliance requirements in property, security services, facilities, events, security patrols and other services.

  • Provide proof of work.
  • Monitor and Audit actual visit times and attendance.
  • Customer reporting.
  • Sophisticated reporting and data analytics.
  • Geo-fencing of staff and specific work orders.
  • Real-time alerts and messaging.
  • Reduce risk and increase visibility to your work force and staff performance.
  • Decrease operating costs up to 40%
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Effective, User Friendly and Innovative

Through many years of research and development, we have developed a work management platform that can benefit many industries that include security, cleaning, facilities management and other sectors.  We have redefined what a job tracking software can do and added features that make it superior to what is on the market.

Task/Job Management Features

workForce provides a workforce management software targeted to meet business requirements

  • Increase your workforce mobility.
  • Provide real-time task/job status.
  • Optimise task allocation
  • Enables real-time analytics and geo-location of task/jobs.
  • Enable real-time messaging to workers.
  • Provide customer real-time visibility and greater satisfaction.

We have the ability to customise and brand our solution to suit your specifc needs.

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Xenier work force management software is available for both iOS and Android devices.

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Specifically designed terminals.

Terminal Features include:

  • Push-To-Talk ability.
  • Bluetooth beacon tracking.
  • NFC tracking.
  • Geo-location monitoring.
  • Video and audio recording as required.

Our specifically designed terminals have the ability to provide Push-To-Talk features, combined with work force management benefits.


Industries workForce can benefit:

  • Security
  • Cleaning
  • Facilities Management
  • Trades people

workForce can be utilised in security, retail, public sector, facilities management and cleaning industry.

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