Why Software Consulting?

In our experience, software doesn’t fully meet the needs of every type of enterprise. However, there is a multitude of industry software available, which may be more appropriate for your organisation. Business software is designed to meet the specialist needs of companies in a particular sector, typically enabling them to operate more efficiently and have greater visibility of what is happening within the organisation.

We accomplish this by first getting to know your business, your goals and the challenges you face.  We then identify and thoroughly evaluate those systems and suppliers that appear to be an excellent fit to your business by using the selection methodology that we have fine-tuned over the years, as well as our knowledge of the software industry.  Our searching questions enable you to determine which will be the most appropriate solution for your business and budget and prevent any nasty surprises after you have made your decision.

Whatever the nature of your business, implementing a business management software system represents a significant investment, and therefore it’s crucial that you get it right. Whatever the quality of your business and whatever type of system is most appropriate for your business,  our business software selection and implementation services will enhance your ability to make the correct decision based on your objectives and budget.

Etech Consulting can answer these questions for you by offering impartial advice every step of the way, due to the fact we are an independent software consultancy.  Our experience will help you see past the sales talk, making sure you are comparing like with like, and that you understand the different options available to you.  All of this will ensure you make a fully informed decision to determine which are the most appropriate solution and supplier for your business.

We offer technology consulting and software consulting to provide you with options that reduce your investment risk whether it projects analysis, post project, pre-project implementation engagement.   We deliver onsite engagements to Melbourne, Australia but we work nationally as required.

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