The most advanced automation\IOT device that just plugin!

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Internet of Things Innovation

Imagine a power board as smart as an iPhone, this is what we have created, complete with apps you can share among friends. It is so smart, it can communicate with other IOT devices or gadgets*       WireButter have created the smartest power board in the world. It offers an all in one platform to control appliances, measure energy usage and communicate (wireless or wired) with other devices and third party vendor devices.

The most advanced automation platform that just plugs in!

We are open to offers of investment, partnering or further discussion, we believe we have a system that is a technology disrupter and have interested parties.  We are currently in development of enterprise and industry  versions with details we will disclose later on.   The official website is for contact info.

The Concept
Internet of Things Innovation

We are very proud to be part of WireButter that have spent years on research and development on a product that has mass appeal and usefulness.  Many IOT gadgets and technologies appear to address novelty issues and atempt to appeal to your superficial needs compared with a product that you can benefit from.  The WireButter powerboard turns your environment into a smart environment but also leverages your current iot(internet of things) devices or gadgets.  We do this by incorporating exitings technologies like bluetooth, BLE, wifi and zigbee protocols to ensure you can communicate to existing devices in your enviroment.

The Solution
Internet of Things Innovation M2M
  • Turn off your appliances or gadgets remotely or on a schedule.
  • Find out which appliance is using the most power.
  • Reduce your power bills by reducing power wastage.
  • Can charge your devices through USB connector.
  • Detect faulty equipment and reduce the chance of fires.
  • Can connect to your existing WI-Fi network and be accessible through the internet.
  • Turn your old appliances into smart appliances.
  • Connect multiple WB power boards to create a smart network.
  • Easily programmed to do what you want it to do.
  • monitor your home/business remotely
Internet of Things Innovation
  • Wireless automation of devices through Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or zigbee protocols.
  • Can be reprogrammed for individual application or customer requirements.
  • Has the ability to monitor local sensors that can be incorporated. I.e. Temperature, light levels, and noise levels.
  • Provides the ability to install apps that provide functionality specific to your environment.
  • Can record history of activity for future analysis.
  • Can be remotely upgraded.
  • Can be controlled remotely through a mobile device, tablet, desktop etc.
  • If the system fails, the power board resorts to a standard power board and then can be replaced when required.
  • Fast, secure and robust using the latest security protocols for your privacy.
  • Includes Power-line communications conforming to HomePlug standards.
  • Can use your electrical network as the ethernet network.
  • Can be reprogrammed for your needs(on application).
Technical Details
IOT technology automation powerboard
  • Protected by patent.
  • Employs unique technology
  • Can be reprogrammed for individual use.
  • Uses the Microsoft Micro Framework to enable its unique ability for automation integration, expand ability and future proofing.
  • Includes a special wireless chip that provide enterprise ready security.
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